When to book a wedding photographer

March 26, 2022
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Planning a wedding is quite tiresome, with so many activities needing the same attention. So many questions arise during this intriguing period. Questions you never even heard or thought from cakes, suits, flowers, venues, and photographers. There is no actual timeline set that guides couples in choosing a photographer; it depends on different situations. Timely photographer bookings could get you a proper photographer. Some couples go to the extent of booking a wedding photographer 2-3 years before the actual date of the event. Surprised! Right? Well, it all depends on preference and plans.

This article will explain various reasons and situations that prompt when to hunt for a photographer.

Timeline for booking a wedding photographer

Traditionally, the set timeline for booking a wedding photographer is between nine to eighteen months before the actual day of the wedding. Photographers are one of the earliest budgets and book early to avoid a late rush. For that couple who plan to have the event on unique dates that leads to weekends, it’s advisable to start shopping for one as early as eighteen months before the day. Early planning is advantageous to both the couple and the photographer as they fix the scheduled wedding into their calendar of events.

Booking a wedding photographer during peek season

If you plan to have the wedding in the busiest months or season in your area, then selecting a photographer as early as one year before the day could work wonders for your plan.

During peak season, most photographers are all booked, and the chances of missing out are high. However, if your wedding schedule falls during the off-season, nine months would be advisable to hunt for a photographer. The timeline below will help you explore all the available options before making a rational decision.

There are times when a couple decides to have a wedding at short notice. The pressure and fear would be to miss out on the best photographers—however, no worries since there could still be great photographers out there with some availability. Therefore, for short-time weddings, look for a photographer as early as now!

Additionally, specific weddings require maximum attention from the photographer and different approaches because all weddings are not the same. For instance, Elopements- Marriages planned without the prior consent of parents from both parties. If you are planning a weekend elopement, an initial contract and booking of the photographer are required to ensure the party is satisfied with the date and venue. Most photographers often prefer bookings three months before the day to ensure no other events conflict. 

Weekday weddings

Weird? I know most of you haven’t heard much about the Friday weddings. These types of weddings are still popular for some couples. In that case, bookings are the same as weekend weddings but with unique specifications. Some couples prefer to perform their wedding ceremony between Monday-Thursday. Most photographers at that period have a light schedule; therefore, it’s hard to miss out. However, early bookings are still advisable for future planning. 

Off-Season Weddings

You may decide to set your wedding date off-season to avoid collisions with other master planners and miss out due to significant traffic. Weddings during the off-peak are few, and most photographers have a less busy schedule to handle. However, you should still book your photographer between three-six months before the actual date of the event. The burden will be off your shoulder, and now you will focus on more pressing issues such as the flower season to purchase and the budget required.

In conclusion, you should hunt for a photographer as early as possible. Timely booking ensures the smooth running of your plans, and it’s economically optimum compared to rush hours bookings which attract hefty fees. It’s ideally to set a timeline for booking a photographer. Twelve months would do great for almost all types of weddings. However, as indicated, eloped weddings are quite different. You may have to wait a bit as you plan to surprise everyone with a wedding ceremony in this case. A few months toward the eloped wedding would be optimal. It is possible to find a photographer even six weeks before the wedding ceremony. Remember, you cannot book a photographer with no cash at hand as most of them require deposits. Thus, always manage your plan and book when financially stable. 

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