Intimate Old town Alexandria Elopement 

November 6, 2023
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In the heart of Old Town Alexandria, on a crisp fall day, Rachel and Oleksandr (Olek) embarked on a journey to celebrate their love in the most intimate way possible. It was a quiet elopement, with only the two of them, their loyal dog, and an officiant to bear witness.

An Old Town Alexandria Elopement

As the sun began its descent on October 26, 2023, Rachel and Olek exchanged heartfelt vows and promises in the serene surroundings of The Rectory on Princess. It was a moment filled with love, authenticity, and a sense of profound connection.

Following the ceremony, the couple, accompanied by Olek’s sister and nephew, ventured out to explore the charming streets of Alexandria. In these candid moments, their joy radiated as they reveled in the beauty of their newly cemented commitment. As they strolled hand in hand, a serendipitous encounter added a magical touch to their day. A talented musician was performing on the street, strumming a melody that seemed like it was composed just for them. With a soulful tune, he dedicated a song to Rachel and Olek right there on the bustling streets. Bystanders cheered them on, making it a spontaneous celebration of their love.

To cap off this extraordinary day, Rachel and Olek visited Josephine’s restaurant. However, it wasn’t for a meal but because its aesthetic perfectly matched the ambiance they wished to capture in their photos. As they arrived, they were pleasantly surprised when they were greeted with glasses of champagne, a beautiful gesture to commemorate their new marriage.

At the restaurant’s outdoor patio, they basked in the romantic atmosphere, clinking glasses as they celebrated their union. The night was adorned with the soft glow of string lights, laughter, and the contentment of two souls deeply in love.

For Rachel and Olek, their elopement reflected their profound connection and their belief that love, at its core, is a private and sacred journey. Theirs was a celebration of simplicity, authenticity, and the beauty of a love story that defied conventions.

Their Love Story:

Their love story had never been conventional, beginning with Rachel’s bold move of leaving her number for her bartender, a move that forever altered the course of their lives.

Separations and reunions marked their journey, and they sometimes found themselves in different cities. However, the strength of their love prevailed, prompting Olek to make frequent trips to New York City, where they would cherish weekends exploring the city together. Despite initial obstacles, they realized that they were meant to be.

Rachel moved to Virginia, uniting their lives and forging a bond with Olek’s family. Their love endured through the challenges, emerging stronger than ever. They always knew their love story would lead to marriage and a shared future. It was this unwavering love that guided them to the day they chose to elope!


Venue: The Rectory on Princess

Photographer: Alex Hines Photo & Co.

Hair/Mua: Carla Presley Hair & Makeup

Dress: Shona Joy

Shoes: Badgley Mischka 

Florist: Whitewood Flowers

Tux: Tuxedos by Sarno

The Rectory on Princess

Princess Street