How many people should I invite to my wedding

September 27, 2022
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The Answer To The Ultimate Question: How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding?

The ultimate question about weddings often asked is, “how many people should I invite to my wedding?” You have much to think about with getting married, planning the honeymoon, and finding the perfect venue and dress.
Inviting everyone you know to your wedding adds to the stress. But the thing is, you don’t want anyone left out of your special day. With so many friends and family members — not to mention Aunts and Uncles from both sides — how can any couple decide how many invitations should go out?
Asking yourselves this question before sending out invitations can help you figure it out. In this post, we will discuss one of the most critical aspects of your wedding: your guest list.

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When to Send RSVP?

RSVP is short for the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît,” which means “please respond.” It’s a term used to ask guests to indicate whether or not they plan to attend an event.
When planning an event and having guests, it is customary to send out RSVP cards along with your invitations. This lets your guests know that you would like them to confirm whether or not they will be able to attend your event.
It’s essential to send out these cards well in advance of the event, almost two weeks before or a month, so your guests can make plans accordingly. You should also include instructions on how to respond by filling out the card and sending it back in the mail or emailing you directly with their response.

10 Key Factors to Consider When Making Your Wedding Guest List

  • Make a Preliminary List with Just Your partner
  • Number of Guests
  • Location
  • Food & Beverage restrictions
  • Your budget
  • Your wedding size/venue
  • Your arrangement with your future spouse
  • Your relationship with certain guests
  • Who will attend as a couple
  • How many kids do you want to invite

You should make a guest list to get the most out of your wedding. The guest list is an essential part of planning your wedding because it helps you determine the size and scope of the event.
Guest lists can be made up of friends and family members or limited to just one or two people. Either way, you’ll have to consider a few things before making your final decision. Here are some tips for creating a guest list:

1. Make a Preliminary List with Just Your Partner

The first thing you should do when deciding who gets invited to your wedding is to create a preliminary guest list with just your partner. This will help you determine how many people you want at your wedding and what kind of ceremony you want. Once you’ve decided on those things, it’s time to start inviting others!

2. Number of Guests

Once you have decided on the date and location, the next step is figuring out how many people you want to invite. This is an important decision because it will affect where and how much money you spend.
The more people there are, the more food and alcohol will be needed (and possibly more space). Remember that most people won’t RSVP until they receive their invitation (or at least until they’re close enough to attend), so it’s best to over-invite by at least 15%.

3. Location

The location of your wedding will significantly impact who you invite if you’re planning a destination wedding at a resort or other area that is not easily accessible by public transportation or carpooling.
Limiting the number of guests may be necessary to avoid making them pay for expensive travel expenses. On the other hand, if most of your friends live close by and can drive themselves or take public transportation to your wedding, then it may not be an issue at all.

4. Food and Beverage Restrictions

Food and beverage restrictions should be considered first. Some people have allergies or dietary restrictions, while others may not eat meat or dairy products. And some people won’t drink alcohol at all.
Make sure you know everyone’s eating and drinking preferences before sending out invites. You might even want to ask ahead of time whether they’ll be able to make it — so you can adjust your menu accordingly.

5. Your Budget

This is a big one! Your budget will likely be essential in determining how many people you invite. If you’re on a tight budget, keeping your guest list small is best.

6. Your Wedding Size/Venue

If you have an outdoor wedding in a park or local field, your guest list can be much more extensive than if you were to have a formal wedding at a hotel ballroom or other venue.

Your venue will determine how many people can attend and what type of crowd size will fit comfortably into that space.
For example, if you want an outdoor wedding, but there isn’t much space outside due to limited parking or other factors, that could limit how many guests can attend.

7. Your Arrangement With Your Future Spouse

If you and your future spouse have already discussed how many guests you want at your wedding (and how many will attend), ensure that this number doesn’t exceed any established limits.
For example, if you’re getting married at a venue with a maximum capacity of 200 people, don’t invite more than that number.
You don’t want to be surprised when your venue tells you that they won’t be able to accommodate that many people—especially if it means having to cancel family members or friends from attending altogether.

8. Your Relationship With Certain Guests

Friends and family members who are respectful and support your relationship will be great guests! Avoid negative and drama-filled people who could potentially ruin YOUR day! If there’s someone who always makes awkward comments at family gatherings or a distant relative who doesn’t know how to act around strangers, it might be best not to invite them — even if they’re family members or close friends of yours.
It’s better to avoid any possible drama than risk having an uncomfortable time while celebrating such a momentous occasion with those closest to you.

9. Who Will Attend as a Couple?

If you’re inviting friends and family who are dating or married, consider their relationship status when making your list. They probably want to be invited if they typically attend social events as a couple.

10. How Many Kids Do You Want to invite?

If you want to include kids in your wedding party or on the guest list, consider how old they are and if they can behave in a formal setting. It’s also important to consider whether they will be staying with other family members or friends during the wedding weekend so that no one is left out of any activities.


How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding?

It depends on the size of your venue.
If you’re planning a small wedding (50 guests or fewer), you will have more flexibility. You may not even have a formal guest list. Invite everyone you know who’ll be in town that weekend and let their friends and family figure out if they can make it or not.
But if you’re planning a larger wedding, it will be best to have a formal guest list with specific invites sent out by mail or email. This allows you to track who’s coming and accommodates those who may not be able to attend if they cannot secure last-minute travel arrangements or childcare.

What Percentage Of Wedding Guests Attend?

The average number of guests at a wedding is just over 130, but that number varies widely depending on the location and culture. The majority of wedding guest count is between 100 and 250.
The average guest count for American weddings is around 130 people. This number includes the bride and groom’s immediate family members and their closest friends and relatives.
As a general rule, you should invite anyone who has been a part of your wedding plans or will be invited to the reception. For example, if a close friend or relative offered to help pay for your honeymoon, it would be polite to invite them.
It’s also important not to forget about people who may not be able to attend your nuptials for financial reasons — consider sending them a gift instead of an invitation if you can afford it!

How Should I Tell Someone They’re Not Invited to the Wedding?

You have many options for letting someone know they’re not invited to your wedding.

Be Direct and Honest

The most straightforward way to tell someone they’re not invited is to say it. It’s not always easy, but it’s the best way to avoid confusion or hurt feelings.

Write a Note Explaining Why

If you’re going to be out of town, in the hospital, or otherwise unable to tell the person face-to-face, writing a letter explaining your decision can be helpful.
Include details about what you’re doing instead of hosting an event and why you chose this option over inviting them to your wedding. This allows you to explain your circumstances without creating awkwardness or hurt feelings.


The short answer is that it depends on the number of people your venue can hold and if your budget allows for it. If you invite someone, the safest approach is to email or call them to find out if they plan to attend.
Yes, it might be a little awkward—especially if your relationship isn’t that close—but it’s probably better than having them show up and not have a seat at the table!
The other option is putting their name on the guest list (if your venue or caterer lets you do this) and hoping for the best. You can contact them again later if you are short on seats and confirm with them.