Advice To Give Your Son or Daughter On Their Wedding Day

May 25, 2021
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advice to give your daughter on her wedding day

Advice To Give Your Daughter On Her Wedding Day

A wedding day to a woman marks a significant day in her life filled with joy and high spirits. As a parent, words of encouragement on this big day would go a long way in calming your daughter’s nerves. Other than showing love and support for her big day, having something to say on her wedding day indicates your support and pride for having reached another milestone in her life. For some, saying a few words of love and encouragement on your daughter’s wedding day might sound easy. However, giving your little girl away to start a new chapter in her life is somewhat scary and might leave you at a loss on how to congratulate your daughter on her big moment. Here are a few things you can say to your daughter on her wedding day.

Show Support

Say a few supportive words reassuring her of your love. A positive attitude with love might be just what your daughter needs to keep in memory about her parent. Your speech on her wedding day should include telling your daughter how precious she still is to you despite her being all grown up and starting another chapter in her life. Supportive words from you also help your daughter build a good relationship with her parents–in–law.

Be Encouraging

Encourage your daughter to embrace her moment, her achievement, and how strong and beautiful she has grown up to be. While growing up, your daughter must have picked something from your marriage/relationship. Share a few words of advice from a married person’s perspective. Remind her to always put God first, and that marriage is a whole institution that needs her and her husband to communicate and build each other up.

Reminisce on the Past

Reflect on your daughter growing up and remind her of the qualities she showed throughout her life. In other words remind her that, just like growing up, there will be highs and lows. Encourage her that the patience, love, courage, determination, selflessness, and strength she has shown while growing up will come in handy in her new chapter. Tell her that just like growing up and the relationships she formed, marriage would need the same understanding with an added aspect of communicating with her spouse.

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Be Reassuring

On her big day, reassure your daughter not to lose herself. As she is forming bonds and new relationships with her husband and in-laws, encourage your daughter to remember her worth and strive to be appreciated and her needs met. Also, tell her that while maintaining her self-worth, remember that marriage is made of two, and their needs as a couple come first and not just her needs only or her husband’s needs only. Encouraging her to respect and build a stronger identity as a couple is important, just as maintaining her identity and the smile she has on her big day.

Advice To Give Your Son On His Wedding Day

One way to show your love and the relationship you share with your son is to say a few encouraging and loving words at his wedding. For some, this is easy. For others, the relationship shared with a son might not be so open; hence showing love openly, especially when he considers himself ‘a man’, is difficult. Reminiscing the moments since he was a little boy to the dashing man taking vows and ready to start a new chapter can be a bit tearful and leave you at a loss for words. So, here are a few words to say to your son on his wedding day

Congratulations and support

Your son just found a woman to spend his life with. He has shown that he can make big decisions in his life. Congratulate him for the big decisions and commend his decision. While growing up, you have had the upper hand in making big decisions for him. Marriage and his wedding show how independent he has become. A little praise and support from you go a long way to reassure him you are proud of the man he has become.

advice to give your son on his wedding day

Celebrate him and his accomplishment

Being present at your son’s wedding adds to the list of mementos you have been there in his life. Take a little walk down the memory line and celebrate your son. Increasing your pride in him for this wedding is one of the important days you have shared.

Advice and Meaningful words

He might be all grown up and ready to start a new chapter in his life, but deep down, he is still that little boy who seeks your guidance and advice. Show him love and that guidance through lighthearted advice and words. You can use one of the television shows you loved watching together pick lines of advice from there. This will go a long way in starting his next chapter in life.

compliment your sons choice of bride

Commend his choice of bride

One way to make your son feel better about his decision and welcome your daughter-in-law is to say a few positive words about her. A few personalized sentiments about your son’s bride and what an addition she is to the family will be amazing. This will welcome her wholeheartedly to the family and show your son how proud and happy you are with his choice. A few positive words about the bride gives an immediate stamp of approval for your son, the bride, and the new extended family addition with your in-laws.

Felicitations and wishing him well

Your son’s wedding marks the start of a few big steps in his life. A few words of blessings and wishing them well at the start of a new journey is a good way to show your support. Show him that even though he now has to start his own family and home, he has a permanent home in your heart, and he will always be in your thoughts and prayers. I wish him well in his new journey of life.

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