Cassandra & Hai Engagement Session

March 13, 2022
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Cassandra & Hai planned the most elegant fall engagement photo session. They wanted to have an old-school glam theme. We met up at sunrise, and it did not disappoint. We decided to have a sunrise session because Cassandra & Hai love the view on the east coast — you can watch it rise over the ocean.

Washington DC Fall Engagement Photo Session

With the nature of Hai Military Uniform, we visited the World War Memorial to go with the theme.

We also visited the Lincoln Memorial. Cassandra & Hai brought with them their favorite cocktails, and Hai showed off his bartender skills. Washington, DC was a beautiful backdrop for this military couple’s engagement session.

Their love story started in February 2020 (barely found each other before the pandemic). They went out to dinner for their first date and decided they were compatible; when they agreed, the best course of action was to have the waiter pick the best dishes and share them all.

Cassandra & Hai are a COVID couple, so they spent a lot of time at home and alone, which was a great way to start a relationship. They had a lot of time to learn and focus on each other. They are both career-driven and work respectable jobs in demanding fields. So, time spent together is important.

It was great meeting these two for their fall engagement photos! They chose the most iconic spots for a Washington, DC engagement session, and let me tell you, it was incredible.

Check out some of my favorites from their DC engagement session!

If you are a couple who loves the fall as much as I do, let’s take advantage of colorful trees and layered clothing and have the photo session you deserve. Head over to the Contact Form to book with me today!